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VoIP systems hosted by Suncoast Business Technologies are great for small- and medium-sized businesses and come with a lot of bonuses. SBT’s VoIP systems provide greater adaptability, allowing the addition and alteration of features in order to accommodate the ever-changing needs of your growing business. They also allow you to easily increase or decrease the capacity to keep up with seasonal peaks and economic swings.

Dependable On-Premise VoIP Systems

In addition to hosting services, Suncoast Business Technologies provides on-premise VoIP installation at your physical location. This includes the installation and setup of all servers, cables, and routers. Due to its highly customizable format (especially when it comes to administrative functions), on-premise hosting has a number of its own benefits, which may be more suitable for your business.

Without the involvement of your company’s internal staff, you’ll enjoy a faster and more reliable deployment schedule. Our VoIP systems also integrate with most legacy systems, allowing for an easy migration from traditional telephony to VoIP.

Greater Overall Control & Flexibility

No need to purchase VoIP hardware or software for lower initial expenditures.

Ensure peak performance with round-the-clock monitoring.

Pay only for the technology you’re using with per-seat licenses.

Hosted PBX

Advances in technology are making the most feature-rich systems available for small and medium sized businesses at a fraction of what they used to cost. Hosted VoIP services rely on a service provider’s hosted phone equipment (PBX) to route a company’s voice traffic.

On-Premise PBX

On-premise PBX is a VoIP phone system in which the equipment is installed at the company’s physical location(s). On-Premise PBX offers an even higher degree of control and flexibility to an organization than a Hosted PBX.

Mobile PBX

Give total freedom to your staff by enhancing mobility and allowing them to work remotely. Our VoIP phone system includes a web-based user portal that gives your staff complete mobility and independence. Employees can configure extension preferences using a web browser without help from IT staff.

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